Sydnee Crain

Sydnee Crain

Sydnee Crain is a freelance writer and former editor of, an Ozarks Outdoor e-zine to which she continues to contribute. Her passion for nature photography is a recent discovery, lending credence to the adage, "It's never too late to turn out to be who you really are." She maintains a nature blog at

Growing up in the rich, fertile fields and brambled woods of Southern Illinois instilled in Sydnee a sense of intimacy with nature that has expanded with each passing year. Four years ago she discovered a "jewel" in the S.W. section of Springfield: Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park... it has been her refuge and playmate ever since, introducing a meditative silence and nature-lover's free-for-all into her world. To be associated with F.O.G. and the generous spirits of those who tirelessly work to make it the treasure it has come, is an honor for which Sydnee is most grateful. There are no words...but hopefully her photos will serve to "give back" what F.O.G. has so lavishly given to her.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010 10:30

Residents I

A few delightful residents of Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park, that I've been honored to become acquainted with Smile