Tom Finnie - President
Kim Chaffin - Vice President
Barbara Lucks - Secretary
Christy Yoakum - Treasurer


Terms Expiring in 2018

Maggie Black
Kim Chaffin
George Deatz
George Freeman
Karolyn Holdren
Louise Knauer
Barbara Lucks
Gail Melgren
Becky Morgan
Heather Parker
Betty Shook
Matt Wolfel

Terms Expiring in 2017

Jessi Beauchamp
Brent Bothwell Palmer
Susan Cardwell
Marthe Close
Dr. Pam Duitsman
Christie Eden
Avis Holloway
Christy Yoakum

Terms Expiring in 2016

Tom Finnie
Tom Lakowske
Don Snyder

Advisory Board

Don Akers
Deanna Armstrong
Ruth Arneson
Chris Barnhart
Carla Beezley
Patrick Byers
Bob Childress
Major Close
Jeanne Duffey
Stan Horsch
Bob Kipfer
Bob Lovett
Bill Roston
Kauleen Volentine
Gabrielle White
Cindy Willis

Ex-Officio Board

Peter Longley
Katie Steinhoff

Horticulture Educator

Kelly McGowan

Executive Director

Lisa Bakerink

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